Real-time GPS tracking app for SMB delivery businesses

Our GPS tracking app is the cost efficient way to monitor and manage mobile teams for optimal transparency and increased productivity.

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360-degree operations visibility

Improve field productivity

Grow your business the smart way

Targeted accuracy within 15 ft.,

indoors and outdoors

Keep tabs on your mobile 

workforce and equipment

GPS tracking app requires no costly hardware or configurations — just download the app and go

Automatic alerts to notify managers if GPS app is ever turned off

Prevent unauthorized out-of-area use (geofencing)

Reduce fuel consumption and

fleet usage

Monitor unplanned stops, mileage,

and vehicle speeds

Provide accurate ETAs to


Preserves device battery life using our proprietary energy-saving technology

Complete more jobs in less time

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GPS tracking app increases visibility

GPS tracking app gives managers 360-degree visibility into operations with accurate live maps and real-time data. Route optimization and performance analytics help streamline operations.

Report and analyze to improve and grow

Improve productivity of your mobile workforce

Route optimization, performance analytics, and drill-down vehicle monitoring helps keep mobile teams on track to streamline your operations and deliver more in less time.

Communicate with customers and drivers

Communicate with customers and drivers

Our custom-built communications platform provides full transparency for drivers, fleet managers, and customers.

Drivers stay synced with dispatch teams to streamline deliveries; customers stay informed about their deliveries with real-time ETAs.

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We implemented B2Field over 3 years ago and have successfully been using it to improve visibility and order planning across the entire organization.


B2Field is a feature-rich software platform that allows our regional offices to manage, monitor, and measure the performance of employees and vehicles.

Isabelle Newman CEO “SplitLA”

We're really pleased with the performance of B2Field. We use the live tracking feature everywhere, all the time. It's a great time-saving tool.

Norman O’Brien “Handy”

Over 80,000 app installs


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Frequently asked questions

Can customers track the delivery vehicle that has their order(s)?

Yes, the View Delivery plugin allows customers to input their assigned tracking number to track their order(s). Once the order is out for delivery, customers can view the location of the delivery vehicle on the map.

Is B2Field last mile delivery (LMD) software for drivers only?

No, B2Field can be used by any delivery company no matter how you deliver. Whether your delivery team travels by car, public transport, bike, scooter, or by foot, you get detailed reports on trips locations, duration, and mileage.

Does everyone in the company have access to the same information in B2Field?

It’s totally up to you. B2Field gives you the option to assign access rights to employees based on your employees’ roles and job titles. For instance, if you have several dispatchers, you can set up B2Field so each dispatcher can only see their direct team.

Can B2Field be integrated with other systems?

Yes, thanks to the simple yet powerful API, B2Field is easily integrated with popular CRMs: Bitrix24, amoCRM, 1C, and more. Data is easily synchronized into one system for fast, efficient reporting and analysis.

How can B2Field help me deliver more?

B2Field is a service for managing field employees and creating faster, more efficient processes. One of the features B2Field offers is route optimization: the system automatically plans routes by calculating the shortest path to the destination. All dispatchers have to do is choose the locations delivery personnel need to visit, and drivers follow the turn-by-turn directions on the live map.

How do I confirm deliveries?

B2Field has an electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) feature built in so you can collect customer signatures automatically, without having to rely on slow, error-prone manual systems, like chasing down a paper trail. Once the driver accepts a signature, it’s automatically updated in the system for reporting and analysis.

If I have issues setting up B2Field, what can I do?

Once you’re part of the B2Field family, you’ll be assigned a personal B2Field success manager to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We’ll be happy to help!

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